The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5
The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5

The Fortress Signet Ring ~ Size 6.25/6.5

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The Fortress Signet Ring.

A gorgeous slice of Spiny Oyster in a bright orange hue with light striping. Left purposefully rough, the lost wax cast band adds some character—a rectangle face with bullnose corners and a bit of hand etching.

It's a nice mix, with a little weight and heft to the band and a clean stone setting. It was constructed using rough, heavily textured reclaimed metal oxidized to make the details pop.


  • The face of the ring measures 3/4'' x 3/4''
  • The tapered band measures 1/4'' at the base.
  • Size 6.25/6.5

A Note to Buyers: All the items in my collections are handmade and hand-finished from natural and reclaimed materials. Because of this, no two items are exactly alike. And all handmade items will have natural imperfections. These slight imperfections give handcrafted items their innate, soulful character and appeal. It's not for everyone...but I like a little old soul in each and every piece I create.

The term "reclaimed" means items or materials used in making my jewelry are re-purposed and recycled.

Shipping: I live rurally and make it to the post office weekly, so your jewelry will ship within a week. Once it is packaged and ready to go, you'll receive an email with tracking info, and then your order will be on its way to you!


Here is a list of my most frequently asked questions!

Q: Where can I purchase your work?

A: You can shop all of my work here!

I also organize a local show, the Cold Moon Collective, twice annually. This event is hosted at our local distillery and features myself and a slew of talented local makers. The first show is in the Spring, sometime around Mother's Day, and the second is before Christmas. As a one woman this point in the game I am unable to produce enough jewelry keep any local shops stocked, although I'm not ruling it out for the future!

Q: Are you selling on Etsy?

A: I am no longer selling on Etsy. You can find my jewelry on my website:

Q: Are you taking custom orders?

A: Unfortunately, I am unable to take on additional customs at this time. I simply don't have the bandwidth do give them the time they deserve or do them any justice. My sincere apologies. I hope to be in a place where I can accept them again in the not too distant future. It's not you. It's me,  I will be sure to keep ya'll posted! 

In the meantime, Ruby + Revolver shop updates and all other good things can be found in my newsletter: and on Instagram:

Q: I went to shop your jewelry but don't see anything. Why is your shop always empty?

A: I update the ol' shop 2-3 times a month. However, items tend to go pretty quickly and the shop usually sits empty between those times. I do a standard update, which I usually announce a few days prior on Instagram. And I also do some random updates from time to time, to allow folks to peruse and shop in a more leisurely manner. I try to mix it up, and hope that it works for everyone. 

Q: How can I improve the odds of snagging a piece of yours on the website?

A: Sometimes this can be tricky, and as a person living in the sticks with terrible internet service, I can relate to the struggle!  

  • It's a good idea to come to the website a few minutes before a scheduled update, and get your payment info ready to go beforehand. To avoid any hang-ups with shipping please make sure your shipping address is correct. 
  • When the update time comes about, be sure to hit the refresh button to see the new listings.
  • If you have your heart set on something in particular, it is best to complete the transaction first, before adding additional items to your cart.  Adding multiple items at one time can run the risk of losing all of them.
  • And a happy, lighthearted nature is always appreciated in these sales. If you miss out on one...I promise I'll be working hard to restock the shop again for the next go around! 

Q: Do you have any stock jewelry I can buy?

A: Unfortunately, I don't have stock jewelry on hand. When I update my shop with new jewelry, everything sells out in a matter of minutes. It's a good thing but I understand that this can be frustrating.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: I live rurally and only make it to the post once per week, so...all items are available to ship in about one weeks time after purchase :)

Q: Do you ship to Canada and overseas?

A: Absolutely - I have shipped many orders to Canada and overseas!

Q: Help - I entered the wrong address when I ordered!

A: Please send an email to: and my assistant Hilary will take care of making the update.

Q: What is reclaimed metal? Do you always use it?

A: The term "reclaimed" means items or materials used in making of my pieces are re-purposed, and recycled. 

All of the items in my collections are handmade and hand finished, from natural and reclaimed materials. Because of this, no two items are exactly alike, nor are they perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections. It is these slight imperfections that give handcrafted items their innate soulful character and appeal. It's not for everyone...but I like a little old soul in each and every piece I create. Nearly every piece I create is made from at least 50% or more reclaimed metal. 

Q: Do you use brass in your gold-fill jewelry?

A: I can say with confidence that none of my pieces have brass in them as brass is not used as an alloy with either silver or gold. And, the metal base in my gold-fill jewelry is always sterling silver.

Because gold is a soft metal, most gold jewelry (14 karat or 18 karat) consists of gold mixed with other alloys, usually silver, nickel, copper or zinc. Sterling silver, another soft metal, is 92.5% pure silver mixed with an alloy or alloys to make it stronger. Typically it is mixed with 7.5% copper.

There are certain cases where a person's body chemistry reacts to gold, oxidizing it and leaving a green residue on their skin. And some people have a sensitivity to copper.

Q: Do you repair sterling silver jewelry that I purchased elsewhere?

A: Unfortunately, I do not repair jewelry. I simply doesn't have the bandwidth to focus on anything other than creating original pieces of jewelry. Best of luck in your search for a qualified jewelry repair artist.

Q: You live in Montana. Turns out I'm visiting! What activities do you recommend?

A: This is a pretty big state, and personal preferences vary so widely...if you're asking me I'm guessing it is because you like the outdoors...and for that the options are endless. I don't spend a lot of time in town, and I live remotely in the woods.  So if you want to know about the nightlife...I'm probably the wrong person to be asking.

There are the obvious places...the national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone. Both gorgeous, both amazing. But, I tend not to spend to much time in places I can't take my a guide book is best here. There are great rivers here to kayak, to fish, and to raft. Depending on the season, you can find a wide range of classes and great day-trips as well as wilderness multi-day floats. There are backpacking, car camping and climbing opportunities all over this great state, and plenty of wildlife to watch, ridges to ramble, and peaks to bag. And of course there are also many guides available at the local gear shops to get you to them.  

Q: How did you get into metalsmithing? How did you learn?

A: I'm a self taught metalsmith, and to this day I still have never taken a class...although I'd like to! It's on my bucket list. There have been a lot of mistakes made, a lot of metal burnt to a crisp, plenty of plain ol' messing around, and a lot of trial and error. I tend to learn by that's what I did. When I started out there weren't any classes available locally, and I was pretty broke. So...I read books and I scoured pawn shops to obtain the necessary tools. And I started messing around with copper, mostly, because it is so much more affordable than gold or silver. And things just went forward from there. I'm still learning. Still improving. And still lacking in many areas...but I enjoy the process and I love the craft. It's a lifelong process, of that I am certain.

Q: Did you go to school?

A: Yes, but not for metalsmithing. I went for Sociology, Criminology, Environmental conservation, Respiratory Therapy, and my yoga teaching certification. I have wayyyy too many degrees for someone who tinkers with metal. My resume makes me look like a real suffice to say I've switched things up quite a bit throughout my career.

Q: You smithed through your pregnancy... What safety precautions did you take to ensure the health of your little one?

A: I too, was nervous about metalsmithing when pregnant. But, as this is how I make my living...I did some research and modified a few things for safety. I am by no means an expert, but here's what worked for me: I bought a good respirator, first and foremost. I installed a commercial grade vent that vents to the outside. I have it on at all times when I'm using my torch, oxidizing, buffing or sanding. And I always open windows when I can...but up here in the cold Northwestern winters this isn't always an option. With pickling and oxidizing solutions I wash my hands a million times over, and use gloves when handling hazardous materials.

Q: Do you teach classes or lessons?

A: Currently, no. I have in the past...and it's something I'd like to revisit, but at this time I'm sort of maxed out. And honestly...I'm pretty unorthodox in the studio...maybe you wouldn't want to pick up any of my bad habits anyways :)

Q: What advice can you give someone new to metalsmithing?

A: Find your voice. And put your time in. Honestly...that's the best I can give. I think people create work that speaks to others when it comes from their soul. When you are able to draw from your own unique perspective, your own history, your heart and soul. Because really...there are a lot of amazing artists out there, and the only thing that distinguishes you, it's all we've got.  

And this website is a great all-around resource: