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Ruby & Revolver

My father, a welder who moonlighted as a traditional gunsmith, exposed me to metalwork at an early age — hence the Revolver part of my name. It’s an ode to the man who likely shaped my initial interest in the art.  I'm self taught, but it seems that some crafts are hereditary, and maybe this family of mine has a bit of metal in the blood...

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Kind Words

I've been in love with J's work since discovering her, admiring her skill and dedication to sustainable and responsible business, but also her passion for capturing the raw beauty of nature in her work. That's what this ring is to me, and while I don't wear jewelry, I can't imagine this ring leaving my finger. Will cherish this for life!


Absolutely stunning craftsmanship. A true piece of wearable art. I haven't t taken it off since it arrived and I don't plan on it. I wish I could buy every piece you make. Good thing I've got 9 more fingers. Thanks so much for sharing your talent! 


I’m not sure how to express the emotion I feel upon knowing I’ve been able to purchase a beautiful piece made by Jessie Lewis. I think it has everything to do with her ability to translate the natural environment & experiences she’s had and incapsulate it in her work. It’s nothing short of amazing. Beyond words of praise ~ Thank you!


Craftsmanship at its finest. This has been a year when I have had to move some personal Mountains. The ring a gift to myself in celebration of that journey. Worth every penny. My heart is full!


This gorgeous one of a kind piece of art looks even more stunning in person! Her pieces are so hard to get, I feel lucky and that it was meant to be mine! Just perfect and I wear it daily. I It feels awesome to know you are acquiring something that was created out of reclaimed metal, handmade by an artist with ethics. Her work is very organic, reminds me of nature itself. Jess is talented beyond words and puts her heart and soul into her amazing work! Thank you!


Wore these amazing earrings yesterday. I love everything about them, they are perfectly balanced and easy to wear. I so appreciate the time and vision put into each piece of handcrafted art!


So pleased with these earrings! They are just stunning and I love the fact they are made from reclaimed silver. I had been trying for a while to buy a pair so was really chuffed to finally get some!


Oh Jess, thank you. These little crosses are beyond beauty. I chose them because they remind me of my beloved late mother in-law. Your work is incredible. You truly capture life in your pieces as you hand forge them and make them imperfectly perfect. Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with all of us. I am thrilled to have added a piece of your work to my collection of earrings.


I have been after one of Jess's pieces for a long time now and all I can say is that it was so worth the wait. Beautiful, honest workmanship with heart & soul. Many thanks.



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Pieces that have been inspired by nature, made from reclaimed materials, and crafted with heart & soul.

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