Hi hi! I'm Jess, the one-woman-show that makes up Ruby + Revolver.  I live and work rurally,  in the Bitteroot valley with my husband and baby girl.  We built our place from the ground up and included a shop space within as the official R&R HQ.  

My belief is that you can do more with less by embracing traditional skills with work steeped in austerity.  I believe in the process. In slow and deliberate work.  In one of a kind pieces. 

The work I create for Ruby & Revolver is deeply influenced by Montana, the natural world, and by my life out West. I work primarily with reclaimed metals that I find, treat, and process myself. I am drawn to unique, old stock, and American mined stones. It's my hope that the jewelry I created by my hand is unmistakably my own, purposefully raw, lasting, and filled with heart and soul.