Sparrow Earrings.
Sparrow Earrings.
Sparrow Earrings.
Sparrow Earrings.
Sparrow Earrings.

Sparrow Earrings.

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Sparrow Earrings. Two layers of thick gauge reclaimed sterling silver, hand pierced sparrows. Accented with American mined KingmanTurquoise .  Same mine, but wonderful variation in each oval stone. Each a slightly different shade of Turquoise.

One of a kind. 

For the everyday.
I LOVE these guys...So much in fact...I almost kept this pair for myself!
Hand cut sterling . 
Heavily textured.
Accented with hand cut, American mined Turquoise. 
Hand buffed and oxidized for a soft glow.
Pretty dang light considering the amount of material in each. 

Movement and swing with every step.

3'' from the tip of the ear wire to the base of the sparrow. Sterling silver hand made wires.

Body measures 2 1/4'' x 1''

Made with lotsa love, heart and soul.

Note to Buyers:
All of the items in my collections are handmade and hand finished, from natural and reclaimed materials. Because of this, no two items are exactly alike or are they perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections. It is these slight imperfections that give handcrafted items their innate soulful character and appeal. It's not for everyone...but I like a little old soul in each and every piece I create.

The term "reclaimed" means items or materials used in making of merchandise are re-purposed, and recycled.

Shipping...I live rurally and only make it to the post once per week, so...these danglers will be available to ship in one weeks time :)