About the Artist

HI.Hi, I'm Jess the one woman show that makes up Ruby & Revovler.  I live and work rurally,  in the Bitteroot valley, with my husband and baby girl.  We built our place from the ground up, and included a shop space within as the official R&R HQ.  

I was exposed to metalwork at an early age thanks to my father, a welder who moonlighted as a traditional gunsmith.  Hence the Revolver part of my name~ An ode to the man who likely shaped my intial interest in the art.  I'm self taught, but it seems that some crafts are hereditary, and maybe this family of mine has a bit of metal in the blood. I began by scouring local pawn shops and slowly acquiring the neccessary tools of the trade long before I had the mastery/skills to put them to use. My tools were basic (many still are!) the same tools used by metalsmiths past. My belief is that you can do more with less, by embracing traditional skills with work steeped in austerity.  I believe in the process. In slow and deliberate work.  In one of a kind pieces.  The work I create for Ruby & Revolver is deeply influenced by Montana, the natural world, and by my life out West. I work primarily with reclaimed metals that I find, treat, and process myself.  I'm drawn to unique stones, especially jaspers, agates, and turquoise gets me every time. It's my hope that the jewelry I created by my hand is unmistakably my own, purposefully raw, lasting, and filled with heart and soul.